Saturday, February 23, 2013

SOUTH CAROLINA +7.5 over Georgia------Jesse Jackson Jr. has confessed and...........SC now has a 2-0 ATS streak.   South Carolina has the revenge here on the road.  I WILL TOLERATE ABSOLUTELY NO FAILURE IN THIS GAME......for any reason.  You all know goddamn well the Pope quit.(Lose 62-54.........LOOK WHAT YOU DAMN KILLERS DID! Spencer McDonald, 20, was read his charges for the shooting of 19-year-old Anthony Liddell: one count of murder, a felony that carries a sentence of 30 years to death and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.)   Look, DUMBASSES,  if you're an underdog,  and you feel you can't handle OT,  DON'T FUCKING TIE THE GAME TO PUT IN OVERTIME!   Just miss the last shot,  get the cover;  there's not shame or loss in covering for me.    Do it like this?  yeah,  you fucking kill people.)

WILLIAM AND MARY TRIBE +8.5 over George Mason Patriots-----Tribe has the road revenge.  AGAIN,  NO FAILURE WILL BE TOLERATED.(Win 60-58)

CAL STATE FULLERTON TITANS -7.5 over Texas A&M CC Islanders-----Islanders can't seem to win in their own league.(Lose 63-57...........Jared Brandon,  N Las Vegas, 39minutes,  2pts:  WHAT a fucking loser.  What a fucking joke.  Get these fucking cunts out of my sight.)


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