Saturday, February 02, 2013

SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS -3.5 over Georgia-----SC has the +ATS,  the +offense and the home-off-road-loss.(Lose 67-56...........Pathetic.  Way to protect-the-house you miserable, pathetic losers----Lakeem Jackson 2pts---wahhhH!   Terrible basketball team South Carolina.)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +2 over Northwestern------Rafael Maia a huge season-hi 21pts for Brown yesterday while Antawn Jamison had 18 for the Lakers with Amir Johnson having 19 for Toronto......Purdue has an AJ and 2 Johnson's.(Lose 75-60............Oh, I'm sorry;  Purdue actually has 3 "Johnson"s and they were a combined 8-for-33 from the field.   I feel that Purdue has disgraced me in a real and personal way.   You think I'm fucking here to bet on losers?   Fuck Purdue,  fuck that crap team.)


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