Sunday, September 09, 2012

TAMPA BAY +3(-120) over Carolina(Win 16-10)
TAMPA BAY +130 over Carolina----------New Buccaneer coach Greg Schiano agrees with the heroism of Garrett Safron in Sacramento State's huge upset yesterday in Colorado. (Tampa has LeGARRETTe) Tampa's losing streak last year is going to give them some revenge opportunities----(Carolina beat them TWICE last year by a lot).   Tampa definitely has the revenge here.   This game could also be a contest of the political conventions(The Democrats in Charlotte:  desperate angry emotion---with Bill Clinton[did you see that Arkansas game yesterday?  Bwwwaaaaa,  a 30-point favorite goes down].   The Republicans in Tampa:  well,  certainly more sober-minded and temperate-----with Clint Eastwood[ummmm,  UCLA,  a win yesterday].   We'll watch out for DeAngelo Williams........who the Panthers do have.......but remember who beat a North Carolina team favored by 9.5 points yesterday:  Wake Forest DEMON Deacons.(Win 16-10.....Panthers rush for 10 total yards!  Josh Freeman 66%.......Mike Williams TD, Buffalo......Tampa Bay +2 TO)


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