Monday, September 10, 2012

INDIANS(Masterson) +110 over Twins(Deduno)----Sam Deduno is walking about 2 every 3 innings and,  after Saturday's Penn State game,  with Sam Fickens having missed 4 FGs and 1 XP and wishing he "had never been borne",  as they say,  this could be a good day to go against Deduno.  Masterson is less wild and........Justin Morneau hit 2 HR yesterday.(Lose 7-2.......Indians suck)

ROCKIES(White) +130 over Giants(Vogelsong)-----White has the Pitcher Revenge.  Ryan Fitzpatrick 3 INT yesterday!  Well,  Ryan Vogelsong seems to be in decline at this point in the season and the Rockies' power-hitter is a 'Carlos'.  Wo!   Carlos Quentin 2-3, HR yesterday,  Carlos Santana 3-5, HR.....Carlos Ruiz 2-2.....GianCARLO Stanton an HR yesterday.(Win 6-5...........Moscoso a Win!)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Peralta) +102 over Atlanta Braves(Minor)----Minor's "alma mater" is Vanderbilt.   They lost yesterday.   Brewers have the team revenge against Minor.(Win 4-1.....Aoki 2 RBI)


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