Saturday, September 01, 2012

OHIO BOBCATS +6 over Penn State Sanduskies(Win 24-14.....Ohio +3 TO and +150yds)
OHIO BOBCATS +190 over Penn State Sanduskies-----Its laughable, embarrassing and kind of unbelievable for the man-boy-loving crimes of only one man to...........well,  "erase" all of Paterno's wins,  deep-six the statue,  get everybody fired and take bowl appearances off the table for eternity.   All in all its just a pathetic disgrace...........lemme check the numbers quick......Nah---they do play Navy----but I don't see Penn State winning even 1 game this year.   Ohio's qb,  I think,  is gonna be Tettleton,  the double-T.(Win 24-14.........Nice job on this game!  Thanks to the heroic efforts of Tyler Tettleton no little boys got raped today!)


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