Sunday, September 23, 2012

CHICAGO BEARS -7 over St Louis Rams-----Bears have home-off-road-loss after giving the Packers a net 2 turnovers.   Bears also have +3 days of rest.(Win 23-6...........Major Wright HUGE pic-6 to get this covered.)

DETROIT over Tennessee parlayed with REDSKINS -3 over Cincinnati (+175)------I see the Lions and Redskins as having enough potential to be good teams who wouldn't be losing to these opponents.  Redskins have home-off-road-loss.........Miami's Stephen Morris had a great win yesterday---Redskins have one at RB.   Redskins did win the TO ratio by 2 in their loss a week ago,  which is troubling.  But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.   With the Patriots mysteriously losing to Arizona,  the Titans have to be downgraded a bit as the Patriots blew them out.(Lose 44-41 and 38-31..........Having been to the playoffs last year,  the Lions seemed to me having a chance to become "Elite NFL" team.  No.  No way.   Moving to 0-3 ATS is one thing,  but losing to the Titans---No.   Lions suck.   The the TO ratio again........and LOSE again!  Maybe the Bengals are "OK",  but Redskins losing at home here----No.  They're not a serious team.)

TAMPA BAY +8(-105) over Cowboys---------Cowboys lost 27-7 to the Seahawks..........and now they're favored like this?   I'll bet Tampa competes in this one.(Win 16-10........Freeman 35%,  Dallas +130yds)


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