Saturday, September 01, 2012

MICHIGAN +13.5 over Alabama-----With David Brandon at Athletic Director for Michigan ummmm.....he's still there, right?  You have to consider Brandon Moss going 4-5 w/HR in the 20 runs of run support for Brandon McCarthy and the A's.  That was also a day when Brandon Morrow won for the Blue Jays;  Adrian Beltre went 4-5 to extend his recent hottest-hitter-in-baseball streak looks like there's a preview at the movies for one called "",  or is it called 'Atlas Shrugged'?(Lose 41-14........Jesus Christ,  what an appalling disgrace!  This might not even have covered with an even Turnover Ratio----Alabama was +2TO.  With that many points,  I thought this would be a good way to play the "Brandon" surge but............when you get into administrators.......Michigan also has someone at President who I've offered $26 million of my Harry Potter money to and.......she's, so far, failed to secure the gift from Jeff Bewkes.   Her name is Mary Sue Coleman.........
(           Reese looks around, twitching.   Sweating.         
                  THE JOKER (O.S.)
          If Coleman Reese isn't dead in
       sixty minutes,  then I blow up a
   You could say, 'Alabama's a strong team'.  But I sense something deeper in the fact that Michigan lost the Ratio.   All that good luck they had last year........could take a different form this season.  Coleman's definitely a liability;  but if he lost $2.999999999 million more than I did,  she'll have to deal with Mayweather....)


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