Saturday, September 15, 2012

MARSHALL +6.5 over Ohio(Win 27-24)
MARSHALL +210 over Ohio------Whether one marks recent North African events to whiplash pursuant to American colonial consularies assaulted by the global Id of Obama's anti-colonial dreams--received from whatever source---or to the receptacle of American movie audiences recent viewing of the wide-ranging imagination of Uncle Tom-esh Indian documentary filmmakers,  the region's historical anti-colonial impulses to rebellion have made an impact.   Four American emissaries are dead and,  for the time being,  Cato's point is palpable.  Marshall has the home revenge here and there's a good chance Cato will have his day.   Ohio beat beleaguered Penn State with the aid of a +3 on the TO ratio while Marshall has played,  and scored on,  West Virginia,  a pre-season top 10 team.   KARTHAGO DELENDA EST.(Lose 27-24.......Game Losing fumble:  Antavious Wilson.  This cost me $87 that I should have had.  Look,  I'm no expert on American history.  But if Woodrow Wilson was an anti-German racist,  why the fuck do I see Robin Wright on tv from the "Woodrow Wilson Center"?   Get the damn name off!  Fuck.  One of American's worst,  most offensive presidents,  and he's got his name on a "Policy Center"?   Fuck that shit---that bitch owes me money)

OLE MISS REBELS +10.5 over Texas Longhorns(Lose 66-31)
OLE MISS REBELS +320 over Texas Longhorns(Lose 66-31........You cannot let a team come to your stadium and score 66 points on you if your offense is good enough to score 31.  This is a fucking atrocity.  WTF?  Just hold them to 40 and I collect $111........Miss outgained by 276yds---where the fuck is the defense???)

CAL GOLDEN BEARS +17 over Ohio State------Cal has a player named Chris Harper and, ohhhh,  the Xris was huge yesterday:  Chris Rusin, Chris Capuano, Chris Sale and Kris Medlen all lead their teams to victory as starting pitchers.   And Chris Johnson went 3-3 for Arizona.  Cal also has Marc Anthony who was........."known" in the recently animated North African region(did you see that football game last night?  Marcus Sullivan 2 TD....Gabe Marks a TD....Marquess Wilson 2 TD---big action on that name too)(Win 35-28........Brendan Bigelow 2 TD.........Cal outgained 'em by 100 yds)

BOWLING GREEN FALCONS +3.5 over Toledo-----Falcons have the revenge though Toledo is at home here.(Lose 27-15.......This is the worst,  most costly loss because it blew a 4-game parlay for me.  Bowling Green stole $136 that I should have won.  Didn't this team do well vs Florida for 1 half?   Fuck 'em;  This team is bitch-made.)

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS -3 over Western Michigan Broncos-----Minnesota has Marcus Jones.......and a JR.   The JR was strong in Miami yesterday as Jacob Turner shutout the Reds.  Justin Ruggiano and Jose Reyes both had 2 hits.(Win 28-23)

LOUISVILLE -3 over North Carolina------Yeah,  Louisville has the home revenge and Bridgewater has been completing a very high percentage of his passes;  Luis Cruz had 4 RBI last night.(Win 39-34......Bridgewater 82%)

MEMPHIS +4 over Middle Tennessee-----Memphis has the revenge and home-off-road-loss with a Jacob at QB a day after Jacob Turner beat the Reds.(Lose 48-30........Memphis -3 TO,  just an absolute,  utter failure as a CFB team.   Pathetic.)

Navy Extrajudicial Bin Laden-killers at Penn State Sanduskies OVER 48-------Navy is off the bye so they should be in good shape to score(their defense has never stopped anyone, right?).   This is the one game on the schedule the Sanduskies COULD win and with Matt Mcgloin at QB,  they're not gonna be giving up.   With Matt Cain winning yesterday and,  the day before that,  Matt LaPorta going 3-5,HR with Matt Dominguez getting 3RBI and Jeff MAThis going 4-4,  the name is just too hot to ignore.   Good luck to both offenses.(Lose 34-7.........Wow,  horrible luck for the Bin-Laden-killers:  -4 on the turnover ratio and only 7 points...coming OFF THE BYE!?)


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