Sunday, September 16, 2012

CLEVELAND BROWNS +7 over Cincinnati Bengals----Browns were +1 on the TO ratio in their 1-point loss to the Eagles as Brandon Wheeden threw 4 INTs.   Wheeden probably won't do that bad again and.........the Browns defense could be good.   Wheeden has "The Prophet" at WR and,  with the outpouring of global support in the last week for the prophet's could help.(Push 34-27)

WASHINGTON REDSKINS -3.5 over St Louis Rams----Allen Robinson 3 TDs for Penn State!  Redskins have a Robinson and.........Look at that upset win by Pitt yesterday!  Mike Shanahan had 111 yds + TD..........and that name will be at coach for Washington.  Tevin Washington 3 TD for Georgia Tech in their blowout of Virginia.  (Lose 31-28........Redskins win the TO ratio by 2...and lose---maybe they're not that good.   Josh Morgan with the Game Losing spazz-out penalty)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -3(-105) over Indianapolis Colts-----Colts were -4 TO last game and have home-off-road-loss here.  But Minn has Christian Ponder.   And with Chris Thompson averaging 21.9yds per carry yesterday in Florida State's beatdown of Wake Forest and with Paul Chryst,  having walked through the valley of the shadow of death during Pitt's first 2 games,  coming up with a HUGE win over highly ranked Virginia Tech,  I gotta go with Ponder.   Anyway,  I think the Colts will struggle this year.  By Week 5,  Colts management should be coming under fire for passing on the heisman trophy winner:  RG III.(Lose 23-20.....Ponder 77% 0 INTs,  how do they lose?   Must have been the -54 in Penalty Yards given to the Colts)

PANTHERS over Saints parlayed with BUFFALO BILLS -3 over Kansas City +340------Bills and Panthers have home-off-road-loss.  Panthers have the home revenge against the hurtful, violent,  bounty-hungry Saints.   Saints were -3 TO last game and..........I think that trend could continue:  This is a season of punishment for them.   I had a potential HUGE win taken from me by the Saints last year as they,  having been motivated by monetary bounties all season,  prevented the Lions from reaching the Super Bowl.(Win 35-27 and 35-17.........Bills were +3 TO)


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