Sunday, December 28, 2008

KANSAS CITY +2.5 over Cincinatti------KC off 3 losses and they got screwed by Cobbs and Miami last game(Chiefs outgained them by 89 yards and still lost giving a -2TO to Dolphins). KC's offense is much better than Cincy's and guess who they have at QB? TY-ler Thigpen. How about a little TY-tanic Thompson on this Bengal-beatdown? Cincy is in a "let down" spot after a huge state-owning destruction of America's dirty armpit: Cleveland.(Lose 16-6........well, I bought this pick from Feist for $5. It made sense, so I played it)

COLTS +3(-120) over Tennessee--------Titans have a 'z' which means they've clinced home field.....they should play to avoid injuries; the game means virtually nothing to them. Colts have a home-revenge and +3 days of rest. I think Roz Juarbe should be ashamed of herself as a handicapper to have sold the following information for $19:
[(319) TENNESSEE TITANS (-3, ov39)
(320) INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (+3, un39)
Sunday, Dec 28 2008, 10:00 AM PST
Neither team expecting to play their starters the entire game or players with any injuries at all. Still, the Titans have the better team overall with their outstanding defensive unit. With better depth on both sides of the ball, the Titans should win this one straight up.]
She "CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"(Win 23-0)

SEATTLE +7 over Arizona-------Az has 2 blowouts against the Rams......and not too much more that impresses me. Seattle has the revenge(they gave a -1 TO to AZ in their first meeting). Seattle is on a 3-0 ATS run since putting Seneca in at QB. Life is punishment....but when you have the revenge....well, lets just say I knew Seneca in a "special" way.(Lose least they played hard and didnt seem to give up)

OAKLAND +11 over Tampa Bay-------Buccs lost last week when they should have won....Pirates getting caught over in Somalia....Garcia got beat up....TB gave a -3 TO last week to SD....I think something's wrong there.....3 straight L's. Oakland seems to be ascendant as JaMarcus Russell is throwing 62% over his last two games(vs his 53% for the season). TB should be under the gun at home while Oakland will be more "liberated" with respect to pressure.(Win, big problems in Tampa)

LIONS +11 over Packers--------Packers have home-off-road-loss but are a mediocre 3-4 ATS at home. There is more than the obvious trend going on here: Lions are on a 5-0 ATS run on the road(and a good 5-2 ATS on the road for the season). Keary Colbert is a nice complement to the KC bet above. I HOPE 'Orlovsky' is Russian and not Polish(Win 31-21)

MIAMI +3(-130) over NYJ--------(a)Dolphs have the momentum here after Cobbs came out and won the game for them last week while Jets have to wonder what hit them losing to Seattle last week. In a bad weather game, I think we can contain Favre and make him a non-factor. Nothing is clinched in this division so this game means something.....COBBs!(Win 24-17)

DALLAS COWBOYS +1.5 over Philadelphia-------This is a special play. Philadelphia has home-off-road-loss and the revenge. Normally, that would suffice for BCLI to take them here. However, everybody wants Dallas to lose: ESPN and the networks love to hate on Owens; they want Dallas to lose. Even the double-J, Jacques, writing for the COWBOYS' LOCAL NEWSPAPER, pointing out how much money Jerry Jones has invested in his team, comes off as an obvious McKnabb fan and is clearly trying to turn the fates against Dallas' football team. (Note the recent fire in Philly---I think Lucio wants the Cobboys to win as much as I do). I have to say that I LIKE Dallas' players. T. Choice(a TC) is coming on strong. Owens is a winner. Romo.....well, lets just say I LOVE Roma. I can confess to having my doubts in this spot...but
"Our doubts are traitors"---(M4M)(Lose 44-6....."Today, I am embarrassed to call myself a handicapper"---B. Lang. Jeez, I cant believe I actually put money on this bet. STUPID. You simply cant bet on teams merely because you "like" their players.)


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