Saturday, December 13, 2008

CAPITALS +115 over Montreal Conn-adeians--------this one is pure rage....fucking Toronto scumbag poker player named Jaime wanted me to stake him thru Poker World and Extreme Poker. I did, and he paid back small stakes at first. Then he asked for a larger one. I transferred about $350 to him thru this site i cant remember the name. He said he would get the bonus at Hollywood Poker, play for a few months, and pay me back $700. The PUNK MOTHERFUCKING CANADIAN BITCH said he was just trying to earn money to take a trip to Australia. So he got my money and.....well, i dont know. Then he came back on MSN messenger(his email is like or something like that). He came on and said hi to me and I asked where my money was....his response was "LOL What?"
FUCK ALL CANADIANS FOR THIS PIECE OF SCAMMING SKUM. FUCK JAMIE. FUCK CANADA. and fuck Montreal too-----by national "association"(Win 2-1)


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