Sunday, December 14, 2008

BALTIMORE RAVENS -2.5 over Stealers(Lose 13-9)
Ravens vs Stealers OVER 34--------------Notwithstanding the "flipped script" that erupted out of Ravenswood this week, I think you have to see this game as an excellent home revenge situation........and bet it. Poe, though a better writer surely than football player, should still be operating and with the growing revelation that Pittsburgh's PNC bank has conspired with some of Wall Street's most larcenous "investment banks" to steal National City bank, I doubt that even any "roguish" spirits could still be supporting the Stealers after their last 3 games. Games where the Stealers were +3 TO's against Dallas and +4 TO's against the Patriots and then the Bengals.........a win there that shouldnt really count due to inferior competition. In fact, Pitt's schedule has been weak, with 2 games total against the Bengals. And most experts would agree that the Stealers are probably the least talented 10-3 team in the last 5 years of NFL action. Neither QB has much natural passing skill but with strong run defenses here, you have to expect more passing attempts than in the average game and exploit the low 34 o/u(Lose 13-9.........Yup, if that theft isnt "obvious" to you, I dont see what could be)


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