Sunday, December 07, 2008

*NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -3 over Atlanta-----------Saints have home-off-road-loss AND the in-season revenge having lost to Atl in a game where they gave a -3 on the TO ratio to Atl; out-first-downed them 25-18 and outgained them by about 140 yards------basically, the Saints should have won the game but somehow didnt. Also, Saints last game they were -2 TO to Tampa. Now at 5-1 SU and 5-1 ATS, $aints are money at home. (Win 29-25)

*BUFFALO BILLS pk over Miami------------Revenge for Bills here as Miami weakens; Dolphins have faced three of the weakest teams in the NFL over their last 4 games and have beaten all of them by an average of about 2.8 points: They're ready to lose one.........B.I.G. In the skydome, they'll be cutoff from the natural "greens" who Im sure have been helping Florida teams WAY too much this year. This is payback and if Miami is smart, they wont play hard enough to take injuries. (Lose 16-3........Disgusting. 3 points after a game where the Bills scored..........3 points. Well, I've certainly paid my FUCKING bills betting on this team)

DETROIT LIONS +10 over Minnesota------------Vikings got a +2 TO ratio against the Bears last game while Lions were -2 on the TO against Tennessee in a loss. Most teams, Im guessing but I havent checked it, usually win or cover after being beaten by the Titans this year. This is because the Titans are getting so much inter-stellar/subterranean "assistance" this season. Lions have +3 days of rest and apparently a new cache of playable QB's with Henson now, Stanton apparently healthy and the pick-up Culpepper. On ANY 3-and-out for the Lions' offense today, I expect them to switch QB's immediately. Surely 1 of them will start a flow........Also, this is in-season Revenge for Lions as they lost only 12-10 to Minnesota earlier. If the Lions somehow dont win this game or dont cover the 10, I guarantee the "GM" label will be stripped off the Renaissance Centre within days and the US government wont even pay the GM employees' pension if they ever have to actually buy that pathetic company. (Win 20-16.....pathetic red-zone offense by Lions)

NEW YORK JETS -4 over San Francisco 49ers-----------Jets have had 3 straight road wins vs decent teams(Tenn, NE and Buffalo) and coming off a loss here to the Broncos I think they should be ready for a win. SF continues to score low while the Jets have scored as many as 56 and 47 in a game. And you have a QB, Favre, throwing 68% versus a 58% QB for SF. (Lose 24-14........Jets outgained by 190 yards? No idea how this happened)

BALTIMORE RAVENS -6 over Washington (Win 24-10)
Baltimore vs Washington OVER 35----------When the Ravens win, they seem to win really big; so I think you can lay 6 points. With two good run defenses here, I expect maximum passing attempts so I'll take the OVER also (Lose 24-10.......5 Turnovers. Damn. At least Pam had her left hand all over Campbell. BWAAAAAAA)

MISSOURI -7 over Golden Bears------------Missouri has the home revenge and the +offense. Theo Robertson?...........ahhhhhhh, No. (Win 93-66......Wow)


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