Saturday, December 06, 2008

OREGON STATE BEAVERS +10.5 over Iowa State Cyclones---------Oregon state has the revenge and +days of rest while Iowa State has the +offense. OSU also has an O.J. a Double D and a couple of Tarvers.........good names. (Lose 63-50)

MICHIGAN +9.5 over Duke-----------Basketball is more of a finesse game than football; but its also a stamina game. Revenge may be a bit of a "lighter" factor in basketball as opposed to football. And this is like a 7-year revenge for Michigan. Home revenge plus points. Also, Michigan has home-off-road-loss (Win 81-73)

UCLA BRUINS +32.5 over Trojans---------A ridiculous number, 32.5. This game should be close and UCLA might even win it. UCLA has home revenge and +1 day of rest. USC is only 2-3 ATS on the road and while you might not think its "much of a road game" for USC, there is a big difference between Watts and the Rose Bowl..........the trees are more abundant in Pasadena. Or is the Coliseum in Watts? Well, maybe not that far....but its just palm trees mostly. Pasadena's got more green. Also, the greens owe me like $68 which is what I put on UCLA last week. And with ASU getting a +3 on the TO ratio........and UCLA OUTGAINING ASU by like 180 yards, you gotta know they stole it from me. UCLA should win the TO ratio BIG in this game and get an easy cover. (Win 28-7)

ARIZONA -10.5 over Arizona State---------Home revenge for Arizona. Hopefully, the "earthy sprits" will feel sorry for what they did FOR ASU and AGAINST me last week to secure the blowout here.(Win 31-10........Thank you.)


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