Friday, December 12, 2008

PHOENIX -1 over Orlando--------Orlando has the revenge(long range: 11/30/07) and the +ATS record but they are coming off 2 close road wins and they look to be in a spot to give one up here. Suns have home-off-road-loss. It would be a disgrace if they lost this one after THEIR 2ND LOSS to the maleficent Lakers. Robin?(Push 113-112.........thanks for getting blownout in the 4th, Phoenix. You know what? This team might not be a good team)

PHILADELPHIA +11 over Cleveland-----------76ers have the revenge and they have 2 straight road wins going back. Cleveland is gassed. Straight up gassed. (18-4 ATS !??) No way that can last. But they do have the +offense and well, LeBronson.........u not getting the shot tonight(you've had too many). B(in da)(SA)RAND currency players.............(Lose 88-72)

MINNESOTA +8 over San Antonio-----------home revenge for Minn as they lost in OT to SA last meeting. Home-off-road-loss also for Minn and altho SA has the +ATS record.........TIMBERWOLVES HAVE 7 STRAIGHT LOSSES GOING IN???!!!!! Its time for them to start playin(Lose 98-86)

IOWA STATE +8.5 over Iowa--------the line is right as Iowa has the revenge and the +ATS record at home. Iowa State is OFFL and doesnt seem to get blown out much(a 13 point loss to TXAM is high for them of late). With 8 and a half........I'll go Fellicitous here and look at the name: Lucca Staiger....doing well with like 24 pts per game........REGI(s) ats....against the spread of the king? Lou? some possibilites there. Lu is, I've heard, "very powerful"(Lose 73-57)


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