Sunday, December 18, 2016

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS +2.5 over Oakland Raiders-----The last two games,  we've seen how Derek Carr sucks.   And with the roadway accidents in the Baltimore area and.........other places,  I'd be surprised if "Carr" is gonna be strong.  Chargers aren't going to playoffs,  but they do have the home revenge and the home-off-road-loss in this game.   With Phil Forte getting 11pts in an OK ST win yesterday and Phil Valenti getting 12 points for Canisius in another upset victory,  Rivers could be good.   San Diego St...........a blowout victory yesterday as a 5-pt dog over Houston.  Gold looks good on SD also with Golden State blowing somebody out yesterday.(Lose 19-16..........The final score of this game should have been 19-17,  which would have allowed this bet to win.  But this happened:
(1st and Goal at OAK 7

(6:14 - 3rd) Hunter Henry Pass From Philip Rivers for 7 Yrds J.Lambo extra point is No Good, Wide Right, Center-M.Windt, Holder-K.Clemens.)
   Despite any missed NFL XPs after this game,  it is NOT a common occurrence to miss an XP.   This was PURE CONSPIRACY.  They just wanted to piss me off so the next day could be Terror Day.....
(At least nine people were killed, with conflicting reports on the number of injured at the outdoor market near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz Square.

Police labeled the incident a terrorist attack...

The attack took place one hour after the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, 62, by an off-duty Turkish police officer.....)........)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -5(-116) over Indianapolis Colts---------Vikings on a 2-6 run at home here---still in playoff contention.   Petersen could be back for them.   I think Luck is hurt more than Bradford is.  I have not done well betting on Colts' games.  But I like the Vikings defense with Danielle Hunter playing after Youngstown St got the upset victory with Hunter Wells at QB yesterday.(Lose 34-6.........I had no idea San Bradford SUCKED like this.  Stats say that out of 42 PAs,  Bradford completed 76%.   That's not what I saw when I was watching this game.   Vikings had 34 TOTAL rushing yards and they were so bad...........I had to change the channel to watch 'Robocop')


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