Sunday, December 11, 2016

TAMPA BAY -1.5(-108) over New Orleans------New Orleans lost by 28 points last night in NBA.......Ingram is Questionable for them.  TB is only 2-4 this year at home,  as they are here.........but they have Mike Evans.  And Evansville beat Murray State by 32 points last night,  a massive covering of the 3.5pt line.   And Shannon Evans had 16pts for Arizona State in their win yesterday.(Win 16-11)

LIONS -7(-117) over Bears------This is home revenge for Lions who will have a massive QB advantage in this game.  And they might have Abdullah back,  which would be good,  after Khalid Abdullah scored 3 TDs for James Madison on December 9th.(Lose 20-17.........Bears +2 TO;  Stafford 2 INTs........Barkley actually did better than Stafford)

BUFFALO BILLS +2.5(-103) over Pittsburgh Steelers--------Bills have played 7 road games but only 5 home games;  they are at home here.(Lose 27-20)

COLTS -6.5(-115) over Texans--------This is home revenge for Colts who..........looked pretty good last game,  even though they're defense is supposed to suck.   Texans can't score well and their QB has 13 INTs in 12 games.(Lose 22-17.........What a fuckup.   I had a 4 team teaser on these picks THAT WOULD HAVE WON if the Colts had just won this home game.   Colts -2 TO.   Houston had a 16-3 lead at one point.   Can't believe these losers lost.   What a tragedy;  what a fraud of a team.)


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