Saturday, December 31, 2016

LOUISVILLE CARDINALS +3 over Lsu Tigers(Lose 29-9)
LOUISVILLE CARDINALS +143 over Lsu Tigers-----Etling has thrown 60%;  Jackson 57%.   But I don't see Etling as an effective QB.   Lsu's defense has allowed an average of only 16 points per game.  But do they have some injuries?   Lsu's 10-0 loss to Alabama was impressive......but Lsu was off the bye in that game.   Of course, Louisville has been erratic,  blowing teams out,  like Florida State,  early in the season and then losing ignominiously as double-digit favorites to Kentucky and Houston.  Thus,  I think Louisville has more to prove(Who won the Heisman?   It wasn't Jackson,  was it?   Oh,  it was Jackson).   Of course,  I thought Colorado might have something to prove after embarrassing itself against Washington.........but, unexpectedly,  they just wanted to embarrass themselves again vs Oklahoma State.  Louisville did play Clemson close and........they probably could have/should have won.   We can't downgrade the ACC yet just because a Ref caused North Carolina to fumble and lose the game.(Lose 29-9...........Disgusting;  I don't know why they give the Heisman out before the bowl games.  Jackson threw 37% and Louisville was outgained by 174yds.  It wasn't turnovers,  Louisville just sucks.)

GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS -3(-115) over Kentucky Wildcats-----Aside from Kentucky's win over Louisville and GT's win at Virginia Tech,  there's not anything impressive on either of these teams' schedule results.   But,  considering the career-hi 52pts by Isaiah Thomas yesterday for the Celtics,  we'll see that GT's QB is Justin Thomas and they also have a runner named Isiah Willis.(Win 33-18...........Dedrick Mills 169yds rushing w/TD)


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