Saturday, December 31, 2016

CLEMSON TIGERS +100 over Ohio State Buckeyes-----Let's look at this:  Deondre Francois completed 33% of his passes........and beat Michigan.   Florida State lost the turnover ratio by 1........and beat Michigan.   Deondre Francois completed 33% of his passes and still OUTPASSED MICHIGAN BY 59 YARDS!  Florida State was 3-13 on 3rd downs.......and beat Michigan.   Francois completed 33% of his passes..........and his team outgained Michigan by 119 yards.   The Big Ten is  joke.   And Michigan almost BEAT Ohio State.   Also,  this is Final Four;  Ohio State should not BE in this game because they did not even win their sorry Big Ten conference.   Penn State or even Western Michigan is more qualified to be in this game than Ohio State is.   Ohio State is also red.......and that's not a winning color today.   Watson,  Clemson's QB,  should,  we now know,  have the Heisman Trophy.(Win 31-0.........Baskin Robbins........)

WASHINGTON HUSKIES +13(-115) over Alabama Crimson Tide(Lose 24-7)
WASHINGTON HUSKIES +390 over Alabama Crimson Tide------As I type,  the Heisman Trophy winner has completed 28% of his passes and his team is disgustingly behind by 20 fucking points as the game finishes.   That team's color is blood red.   These points are an insult to Washington,  a team that scores 44 per game on average.   Alabama has failed TWICE this year to beat a team by more than 13 points----TWICE!   And Washington is a legitimate Final Four team!   In fact,  red is so utterly incompetent today that red Alabama could easily lose outright.(Lose 24-7.........Washington got outgained by 130yds and gave a -3 TO..........but they at least covered the TEASED line of 19;  that's important----they didn't quit.
(A tornado outbreak hit the Deep South on the second day of the year, spawning at least 31 twisters and leaving six dead from non-tornadic wind damage.

The tornadoes hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, ripping up trees, power lines and homes along the paths. In one day, more twisters were spawned in the United States than in all of January 2016........

Four people died in a mobile home in Rehobeth, just southwest of Dothan in southeastern Alabama....)
    Still,  an impactful game.  Can Alabama afford to win again?)


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