Monday, December 05, 2016

Jets vs Colts UNDER 48.5----------I think the Jets are offensively challenged.   Luck is back,  apparently,  in this game,  but the Jets' defense is at least OK.  This number is 6 TDs and 2 FGs........and you still win.   Its hard for me to see 6 TDs scored in a Jets game.(Lose 41-10......Even with a massive collapse of the Jets' defense,  this bet just missed.   And it actually would have won if Bryce Petty wouldn't have thrown for an utterly meaningless TD in the 4th quarter.   The Colts WERE merciless,  continuing to pass frequently even when they were ahead 24-3.   Bryce Petty threw 2 INTs,  nonsensically,  after he came in for Fitzpatrick,  who threw 41% with an INT.  But it happened:  6 TDs and 3 FGs.   And the Jets,  it seems,  almost beat the Patriots last game,  didn't they?  Hard to believe they'd collapse like this.)


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