Thursday, December 08, 2016

OAKLAND RAIDERS +3.5 over Kansas City Chiefs(Lose 21-13)
OAKLAND RAIDERS +162 over Kansas City Chiefs--------Chiefs escaped with road wins in each of their last 2 games vs good teams(Denver and Atlanta).   They were close games near the end and its fair to say that KC got the luck.   In this game,  Oakland has the Revenge.   Last meeting,  Raiders were -2 TO to the Chiefs and Oakland didn't have Murray in that game.   This game,  it looks like Raiders WILL have Murray.(Lose 21-13.........There WERE dropped passes by the Raiders in this game.   But still,  Oakland won the turnover ratio by a considerable 3 TOs...........and,  averaging 28 pts this year,  they scored less than half that in this game.   The Raiders were good holding KC to 21 pts; that's better than I would have expected.  But Derek Carr,  who averages 63% this year,  whom people actually think is good,  threw 41.5% in this game.   He's not.  I don't know how the Raiders scored so well in their games prior to this one.   Oakland is not a playoff caliber team this year---reality has set in for them.)


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