Sunday, January 10, 2016

WASHINGTON REDSKINS pk over Green Bay Packers---------Some might say the Packers suck this year because they lost at home to the Lions and Bears.  But the Packers are 9-7 ATS(like the Redskins) so........they can be good more than half the time.   Would you bet on Kirk Cousins the day after Kansas City won 30-0?  Would you bet on Washington the day after the Washington Wizards beat the Orlando Magic?   Redskins did finish out the season much hotter than GB.  Even so,  the Redskins allowed more than 20 points in all of their last 4 games.  So the defense has to tighten up here in this home game.   If you saw Martavis Bryant's Sagittarian heels-over-head bicycle-catch for a TD yesterday----for the winning team----know that the Redskins have a Sagittarius at running back.(Lose 35-18.......Although I was aware of the Redskins' tradition of fielding markedly un-athletic players.......pshhh:  what joke.   Washington Redskins' defense breaks down and quits in the 2nd half.  This was IN WASHINGTON! !)


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