Sunday, January 31, 2016

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +2 over Oregon Ducks--------Arizona State looks like they have a piss-poor 2-6 Pac-10 record.   Time to win.(Lose 91-74............Chris Boucher 26pts.  Home teams are really sucking I guess.  ASU loses the 2nd half by 16pts at home)

BOSTON TERRIERS -3.5 over Lehigh Mountain Hawks----Boston has the Revenge at home and the +offense and Nick Havener,  a day after Nick Faust got a career-hi 14 rebounds in a win for LBST and Nick Rutherford had 12pts for Florida Atlantic.(Lose 75-73..............they won.  But perhaps home court advantage is overvalued now:  Not enough.)

IOWA -13 over Northwestern-----Iowa has the home-off-road-loss and NW is off 2 30pt+ losses.(Win 85-71)

MARYLAND -4.5 over Ohio State------Ohio State has the home revenge..........but Maryland beat them by 35 points.   Not sure if Ohio State is so good this year.(Win 66-61)


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