Monday, January 11, 2016

CLEMSON +6.5(-115) over Alabama(Win 45-40)
CLEMSON +210 over Alabama-----------I didn't SEE Alabama run up the score on my Michigan State +10 bet.  But I heard that Alabama looked pretty good.   Personally,  I don't think Michigan State belonged in this Final Four,  but they somehow won enough games to get in.   Alabama was +4 TO against Michigan State and won 38-0.    Ok,  let's see if they can get that lucky again----I doubt it.(Lose 45-40........Clemson actually was good on defense 95% of the time it looked like,  but there were just 3-5 defensive breakdowns which were just...........too permissive.  Alabama does an onside kick for no reason and recovers it.  ???  Stupid.  Hunter Renfrow 2TD.  Alabama was +1 TO.   I think the best team in the country this year was probably the Ole Miss Rebels.  Why weren't they in this playoff?)


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