Friday, January 08, 2016

OAKLAND GOLDEN GRIZZLIES +125 over Valparaiso Crusaders---------Cal State FULLERTON pulling off the upset last night with Khalil Ahmad getting 14pts.  And with ISIS pulling off that hit in Philadelphia(on a cop,  no less)..........I'm feeling the Saracen,  dude.(Lose 84-67.........Very troubling that the powers that be chose to allow this result.  This was Kahlil Felder's WORST game of the season.  He was 8-28 FG and 2-10 on 3ptrs.   28.6% shooting percentage was be FAR his LOWEST of the season.  Felder only scored 20pts.   If Crusaders are gonna beat me like this,  you're looking at a whole new Mad-Max style of apocalyptic civilizational warfare.
(OAKLAND -- In a shooting inside a packed BART train that had some passengers believing the train had been taken over by terrorists, a man was killed Saturday night by another man who soon fled the train after it stopped at the West Oakland station.).........)


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