Saturday, January 16, 2016

ARIZONA CARDINALS -7(-120) over Green Bay Packers------Arizona usually wins and has had some big wins.   It was a little disturbing---and suspicious----when the Redskins quit in the middle of their Packers' game.   Because I really can't imagine a Wisconsin team being permitted to advance after the atrocity of Mal-justice put on Steven Avery by Manitowoc County,  Tom Kocourek,  Gene Kusche,  Mark Rohrer and all those other Polachs up there.  Tyrann Mathieu is OUT but........Ha-ha-Hillary Clinton-Dix?  Come on---its time to pay Avery(after 18 years) and let him out of jail.(Lose 26-20..........another hail mary by Jeff Janis)


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