Friday, January 01, 2016

NOTRE DAME +6.5 over Ohio State(Lose 44-28)
NOTRE DAME +195 over Ohio State------Milwaukee Bucks did win yesterday as a slight underdog but its not gonna matter;  Ohio State is in the pathetic Big Ten conference and has actually lost to Michigan State,  a team exposed last night as a fluke "champion" from most certainly is now a "flukey" conference.   Prosise was OUT last game for ND when they lost to Stanford by 2.   It says he might play in this game.   Notre Dame's loss to the excellent Clemson came by only 2 points and..........Ohio State is a 5-7 ATS from a bad conference.(Lose 44-28........This is truly beyond disappointing that Notre Dame lost all this money for me.   Ohio State didn't even beat the pathetic Michigan State!   What the hell?  Porous ND defense,  I guess,  let Elliott score 4 TDs.    I can't believe this shit.)

TENNESSEE -3.5 over Northwestern teased with FLORIDA +10.5 over Michigan------How did Northwestern beat Stanford?  I really don't know:  they won the TO ratio only by 2.  When Northwestern beat Wisconsin 13-7,  NW was +5 TO.   Tennessee lost only 19-14 to Alabama!  The Big Ten champion,  MSU,  lost 38-0 to Alabama.....yes,  The Big Ten Champion did that.  Wisconsin must have had a lucky day and just got by USC.   But now the Big Ten has been exposed:  they suck.  Questions exist about why Florida only beat Vanderbilt 9-7 and why they lost 27-2 against FSU.  But look at this:  Florida scored 15 points off Alabama!  That's WAY better than the Big Ten Champion did vs Alabama.   In fact,  Florida beat Mississippi(a team that beat Alabama) 38-10-----tho they got the +4TO in that game.(Lose 41-7..........Why a fake field goal,  Florida?   Stupid penalties(for 66 yds) committed by Florida.  Florida loses the 2nd half 24-0,  losing me this bet.  Total Quit.   As for my predictions,  As of this time next year,  41% of what is now known as the State of Florida will be underwater.)


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