Wednesday, June 06, 2012

NEW JERSEY DEVILS +160 over La Kings-----No way the Devils can lose this series 4-0;  that would be completely and utterly unacceptable.(Win 3-1)

CHICAGO CUBS(Maholm) +185 over Milwaukee Brewers(Greinke)-----Wow,  look at that:  Cubs won 10-0 yesterday.   Maybe they gonna hit now.   Early in the season both these pitchers were rocked by the opponents they are facing here.   Batters have hit .277 off Greinke.(Lose 8-0)

ROYALS(Paulino) -1.5 (+120) over Twins(Blackburn)-----How is Blackburn still in MLB?  (Lose 4-2........Oh, nice;  Paulino goes 13 pitches and Blackburn has his best game of the year---wonderful)


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