Saturday, June 02, 2012

DEVIL RAYS(Hellickson) -150 over Orioles(Matusz)(Lose 2-1)
DEVIL RAYS(Hellickson) -1.5 (+145) over Orioles(Matusz)------Orioles are declining on a 2-9 run;  I bet big on Matusz last time and they couldn't win for me---I'd say its time to punish the Orioles.   Hellickson's pretty good and pretty consistent and,  considering the rare "50-year-event" of the 1st Mets no-hitter being thrown by SAnTANa last night,  nominally he looks right.(Lose 2-1.....This is just poor.  How can you ever respect Tampa's offense again when they allow the Orioles TO WIN ON 5 TOTAL HITS???!!!!  Oh,  the Rays only got 2 hits themselves;  Hellickson did fine......Game Losing Error Drew Sutton but.......if you can score 2 runs,  you're not gonna win many games)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Noesi) +134 over Chicago White Sox(Floyd)------I didn't notice how good Noesi's been doing(opp batting average: .218).   White Sox offense has really broken out but the Mariners could be coming out too with 2 double-digit beat-downs in their last 3 games.   Floyd is coming off 3 straight rockings and you have to figure that his opponent has just as much chance as he does even if doesn't get rocked again.  Hector LUNA,  3 RBI for Phillies last night.(Win 10-8......Way to hang in there, Mariners......Ichiro 2 HR.....Michael Saunders 4-6, HR)

CARDINALS(Lynn) -108 over Mets(Dickey)-----Cards have a good pitcher here and probably are a bit pissed after getting no-hit.   I see them taking out aggression against this knuckleballer.(Lose 5-0......maybe Lynn's not that good)

PIRATES(Bedard) +127 over Brewers(Marcum)-------Pirates 6-1 running,  Brewers 6-3;  I'll take the underdog.(Lose 5-1...........Bedard gets rocked;  Hmmmm,  did I know that Canadian snuff-filmmaker Luka Magnotta's real name was Eric when I made this bet?  I don't think so)


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