Friday, June 01, 2012

 ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Miley) -112 over San Diego Padres(Richard)-----Batters have hit .255 off Richard while he has walked 1 every 3 innings;  he's not bad.   But Miley has just flat-out done the job this year and.........I think he's safe here.(Lose 7-1.......Miley does great for 7 innings, raising his BATTING AVERAGE to .429........and his team just doesn't help.   I don't care what the stats say,  the Diamondbacks are FAILING on offense.   Ryan Roberts, prime offender,  0-4 3LOB in this game.  I guess he only hit .249 last year----but I thought he was better than this.  He's at .220.... He's taken less than 1 walk per 10 AB this year and thats bad.   Stop swinging at bad pitches or bench him if he can't walk.)

METS(Santana) +102 over Cardinals(Wainwright)-----Jarrod Saltamacchia 2-4 with HR last night and, of course,  Justin Smoak two days before that having probably the best day of his career with 2HR and 6 RBI.  Well,  here's a JS to bet with Santana.   AMAZING to see that the Mets have actually won more games than the Cardinals this year.(Win,  Santana pitches a no-hitter for me and.......I'm pretty sure I have never had a bet on a pitcher who threw a no-hitter before.   Even when I used to bet a lot of Unders.   Mike Baxter, a fence-catch crashing into the WB on the wall(didn't look that painful but he had to come out of the game))


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