Monday, June 25, 2012

OAKLAND(Milone) -105 over Seattle(Ramirez)(Win 1-0)
OAKLAND(Milone) -1.5(+145) over Seattle(Ramirez)------Though they'll be a lot of low batting averages in this game,  the A's have presumably gained some offensive confidence in their trip to Colorado.   Mariners are at home but,  if you believe in 'betting home teams',  you only need to review the atrocity that happened last night at "Cit" Field as R.A. Dickey was exposed as a knuckle-fraud and..........I lost a hell of a lot of money-----"life-savings"-type money.   In fact,  you don't have to go back too far---April 18th----to see a start where R.A. Dickey gave up as many ER's as he did last night.   But he was on quite a run for 2 months;  that run is now over.  And,  I don't see a name like ERAsmo RAmirez doing anything extraordinarily successful so soon after Dickey proved himself such a fraud to my bankroll.   In addition,  I see the Mariners' trident symbol as being weak right now since I'd been expecting a potent earthquake in the Los Angeles area to express our malevolent disappointment in the NHL Finals' outcome.   Such an event hasn't occurred----the trident is weak.(Lose 1-0...Wrong!  Ramirez pitches most likely the best game he's thrown since Little League w/ 10K's....Seth Smith HR......A's only get 3 hits to Seattle's 7 but pull out the win.)


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