Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIAMONDBACKS(Kennedy) over Rangers(Lewis) parlayed with ORIOLES(Chen) over Pirates(Lincoln) +320------With Rob Scuderi's ice-absorbed blood blatantly winning the Kings their first Stanley Cup,  an event result costing me most of my life's sa----well,  over 30% of my working capital,  I'm gonna get most of it back here by hoping for Ryan Roberts and Robert Andino to catalyze.....because its either that,  or you're gonna see the most devastating 8.9+ 'Ter-Mot' epicentering right under the most convenient Warner Brothers-associated property IN..................Los Angeles, California.(Lose 9-1.......Roberts didn't play for Arizona but let me be clear:  GET THE FUCK OUT OF LA.  You can come back and help FEMA clean up after its over.   Get out now, though.   This is NOT gonna be pretty and innocent citizens should not have to be injured for the Greed and Ignorance of a corporation like Warner Brothers.   It could happen at any time now because I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT.  MOTHER FUCKING DEADBEAT MOTHERFUCKERS)


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