Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Masterson) +135 over New York Yankees(Hughes)(Lose 6-4)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Masterson) +130 over New York Yankees(Hughes) 1ST 5INN-----Indians have a 'Carlos' at catcher and that name was hot yesterday.  Indians have scored only 5 runs over their last 4 games AFTER they gave Masterson good run support in the game before that.   And if you consider Mat Latos' CG w/ 13 K's yesterday while he himself went 2-3,  and the fact that Masterson sounds quite a bit like Mathewson.......we're on this game.(Lose 4-0........Eat a fucking cock, losing shitbags.   You can't hit fucking Phil Hughes?!  This entire offense needs to go to the minor fucking leagues.   The Indians are a failed franchise from a dysfucktional city in an ignorant State)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Archer) +100 over Kansas City Royals(Chen)(Lose 8-2.....Knew this offense was weak vs lhps but.........this offense is just weak. PERIOD!  They have 2 sub-.200 hitters starting in the lineup(including their DH?!!) then .216-Sean Rodriguez and .229-Jennings.  So of course they're looking to pick up Brooks Conrad after his .075 Brewers season.  (Hey,  he hit a home run!---fucking ruined the UNDER.)  Do like the Cubs and fire the hitting coach immediately.  If that doesn't work,  fire the manager.)
Tampa vs Royals UNDER 9(-115)------Archer did well his first game.  Rays have gone 0, 7, 3, 6 runs per game going back.(Lose 8-2.......Is there some reason why Brandon Gomes has to come into this game and allow 4 hits and give 2 walks while pitching 1/3 of one inning?   I mean,  a reason besides making me lose more money?)

ROCKIES(Friedrich) +127 over Nationals(Gonzalez)-----Jesus Guzman,  Jesus Flores and Jason Castro all had gone days hitting yesterday.   To me,  that points to Friedrich here although there are statistical ways in which this bet looks bad.   Friedrich has been rocked EVERY TIME he has pitched at home in Colorado where he'll be in this game.   Hmmmm,  do the Rockies have a 'Carlos'?  However,  the Rockies do have the better offense and its worth noting that the Nationals' good record is un-reflective of their weak offense.(Lose 12-5........Burn, baby, Burn.   Can there be more goo in the tubs of these obese Colorado Rockies fans?  Excessive corpulence---did you watch the game?---all over the stadium.  My God!  Colorado Christians have obviously failed and they all need to spend quite a bit more time in hell.   (How can they even have the strength to walk out of the house with that much flubber? )  Gio Gonzalez,  the pitcher?,  gets an RBI?  Abandon all hope, Colorado.  Your team sucks---when is Coors Field going to burn down?)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Estrada) +140 over Reds(Arroyo)-----Hmmmm,  Marco Scutaro got beaned yesterday.   Will the name rise today?   I am the truth,  the Estrada and the life?(Lose 4-3....Estrada had 12 K's;  that's not bad but......without Prince Fielder, and with a naturally-hormoned Braun,  this is not really a Major League offense.....3 lousy hits off Arroyo?!  That's weak.  Looks like they have as many rice-eating Japs as the Mariners in that lineup.   I'll have to bet against these losers.   But where the fuck is all my money now?)

MIAMI MARLINS(Zambrano) +113 over Cardinals(Lohse)------Marlins have the revenge against Lohse who dominated them.   Marlins offense does not look good compared to the Cardinals but the Marlins have scored at least 5 runs a game in 6 of their last 7.   Carlos DID do well yesterday with Beltran going 2-3 with 3 BBs and Carlos Ruiz going 3-5 and Carlos Quentin going 2-5 while getting the GWRBI.(Lose 5-2..........5 UNEARNED RUNS in the 1st inning?  ALL the Cardinals runs were unearned.   Pathetically careless error by Zambrano rushing the throw to 2nd on a DP-ball that would have ended the 1st inning.   That's what happens WHEN NOBODY CARES and your stadium is virtually empty:  You throw it into center field.........if your fans don't care, then you don't care.   Why is there an MLB team in Miami?  There's too many teams in baseball----retire this franchise immediately or move it to Puerto Rico.   I should have bet on the Cubs today;  Wells walks 4 in 3inn, getting rocked for 6 hits.......but the Cubs stay in the game and win it BECAUSE SOMEBODY CARES.   That's not the case with the Marlins;  get rid of this team.)


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