Saturday, January 31, 2009

MARQUETTE -6.5 over Georgetown---------Marquette has the +ATS record, the +offense, +2 days of rest and the revenge. GT is coming off 4 L's and has been poor on the road so far. Jerel + Lazar should rise up over Freeman + Summers(Win 94-82)

NC STATE WOLFPACK +15 over North Carolina----------The Pack has the +ATS, +1 day of rest and the revenge. NC has the +offense and too many Ty's on the team(I think one of them got hurt). Hansbrough looks like he's not scoring much. NC State has lost by 13 at home to FSU, but that's anomalous; they dont lose big at home. Brandon it and they will come?.......What I'd like to see come is a big game from Farnold DEgand. And I think it should happen.......especially in Raleigh.(Lose 93-76.........Guess not. I should have known......Raleigh is SO fucking white-trash)

XAVIER -16.5 over Umass-----------Xavier has the +ATS and the +offense while Umass has the revenge from last year. This is not a big bet for BCLI.........its more of a 'exploratory' wager. Xavier has Terrell Holloway(.......lets just say I have some 'intimate' knowledge of a certain Holloway...and the first name is palindromic.....maybe some ahhhh 'activation' in this player). But Im most interested in this player-complement: B j Raymond JAson Love. Looks like its been working so far........I'll take a chance here laying the big number........I gotta know how the B R is runnin'(Lose 82-80.......Thanks for the 5 points and ZERO ASSISTS, Love. Raymond......not nearly good enough. Goddamit I'm sick of this shyte)

INDIANA +7 over Ohio State---------OSU has the better offense but Indiana has home-off-road-loss and the revenge. THIS is the game(did you hear that 'thief in the river' story out of Florida?.....bwaaa) where having Dallas Lauderdale on the roster starts to destroy the Buckeyes. After 10 straight losses, THIS is the game where the DEvan--VERdell combo comes alive.(Lose 93-81........Verdell Jones 3 for 10.........and 1 for 3 on free throws.........Hometown: Champaign, Illinois. Did I FUCKING tell them to let Blago call his witnesses? Fuck this SHIT! FUCK Illinois. FUCK the entire state of Indiana. I want thosed states FUCKED up. Goddam this fucking shyte)


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