Saturday, January 03, 2009

ATLANTA FALCONS +1 over Arizona Cardinals----------Strength of Schedule; Arizona only has 3 meaningful wins(Miami, Buffalo and Dallas) considering their 6 "exhibition" wins against Seattle, STL and SF. Atl has some legitimate wins with CAR, MINN, NO, SD, Bears, and GB. You have to give Ryan respect as he has come in and proved he can play in this league. Warner is, of course, an increasingly 'fossilized' player whose Cardinals, representing the same out-of-date Judeo-Christian ethos that he does, are only deceptively strong this season.
"If women could be fair and yet not fond,
Or that their love were firm not fickle, still,
I would not marvel that they make men bond,
By service long to purchase their good will........
To mark the choice they make, and how they change,
How oft from Phacbus do they flee to Pan,
Unsettled still like haggards wild they range,
These gentle birds that fly from man to man;"---(E.Vere)(Lose 30-24........Stephen SPOCK! How am I supposed to keep track of all the rosters that have names like that on them? Yeah, and Jeri RYAN, having appeared on an inferior form of Star Trek, was married to a Chicago/corrupt sex-maniac politician.......BWAAA, HA, HA)


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