Monday, January 05, 2009

MILWAUKEE -8.5 over Toronto---------Mil has everything; +ATS, revenge, +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss. And they have a Jefferson, an M and M and a Michael REdd. They also have a Gadzurich..........They just played 'Goldfinger' on BBC America last night at least 3 times(beautiful, scenery. I've always had a somewhat unnatural attraction to it. Notice how the Americans(either intentionally or through stupidity) wanted Goldfinger, Bond AND Pussy Galore to go to Cuba in the end.........bwaaaaa.) Oh, yeah......ahhh, Dahmer's mom was an irresponsible prescription drug-addict and he had a brutally difficult child-birth experience.(Win 107-97)

TEXAS LONGHORNS -9 over Ohio State--------Osu's Big Ten schedule was a joke and I figure that if BCLI is gonna lose to Warner's blind luck and Stephen SPOCK in Arizona, I should be able to get some money back by betting on MCCOY(77.6% completion percentage)(Lose 24-21........9 was too many)


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