Sunday, January 11, 2009

GIANTS +2 over Eagles teased with CHARGERS +12.5 over Pittsburgh------------This is revenge for both NYG and SD, altho earlier the Giants did beat Philly AT NIGHT in Philadelphia. In the Matrix game(11-10), SD was -2 on the TO ratio in losing to Steelers. Eagles are 4-4 ATS on the road and I doubt they'll be able win a 2nd consecutive road game here. The Giants have proved they can win big at home but I think the 4 is right so I'll tease it. Ummmmmmmm, we know what you did in the WARner and if jFITZGERALDk is gonna remind Caroline-Ahhhhh.......that she's "not that qualified"(very cute.......and you've made your point). Ok, 44-6 AT NIGHT against who? Dallas and the grassy knoll? Well, this Giants game is in daylight and they have a 'Robbins', a 'Chase Black..' and an M and M. (Lose by 10.........Meadowlands is in New Jersey. Sheeshh. Might as well call themselves the New Jersey Giants)


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