Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MICHIGAN +4.5 over Ohio State---------Michigan has revenge, +1 day of rest and the better offense. OSU is off 2 losses.(Lose 72-54.........I dont know what the fuck happened here. You can beat Duke, the current #1 team in the country, but you cant beat OSU once in two tries? Lemme tell you what's fucked up about Michigan athletics. Harbaugh dissed special "Easy-A" classes that athletes get channeled into. Not just at state schools like U of M, I'm sure, but everywhere. {Actually, the vast majority of college students dont come close to the "quality" subject materials that will truly educate them. That's part of the reason America's so fucking stupid(and broke). Science is so boring and limiting that its scholars become hideously stultified. Math is a waste of time since it can be mastered adequately in junior high school. Psychology and Sociology are scams created to enrich educators while injecting students with the "common sense" that is already in their heads. Though interesting, English Lit is usually watered down from its core relevancy, Shakespeare, in whose classes craven educators fail to see, or teach, the basic non-sensicality of Stratfordianism(that an author of Shakespearian merit would fail to convey literacy to his own children). "Law schools" are schools of ego-aggrandizement, not education, and Business schools are essentially crime schools}.........So Mike Hart decided to speak up, "Harbaugh's not a Michigan Man"........then came the Appalachian State game which led to an inferior season........then Rodriguez was lured by the money to leave a good thing, drawing the ire of WV leading to the worst season in Michigan history. A promising UM basketball team is now ruined(by Beilein's WV stain?) and should fail miserably from here on out or until Rodriguez is replaced by Harbaugh or Turner Gill. Bill Martin is clueless, thinking that money can solve problems of this depth. But I'll give him some advice: If he fails to replace Rodriguez and also fails to switch Michigan Stadium's grass-turf back to artificial and fails to spend even more money to cover the stadium with a retractable roof, U of M football will never win another home game. Im sick of losing betting on this school)


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