Saturday, January 17, 2009

RAVENS +6 over Pittsburgh---------Double revenge for Ravens as they've lost twice to the Steelers(the later loss being an obvious theft by the Ref's in Pitt's favor). Both teams seem to be dead even on offensive skills(they don't really have any) and on defense(good). So 6 points are huge. I'm sick of Baltimore losing when I bet on them; so fuck it, I'm calling this shot. I hate PNC(they're thieving agents of the notorious financial criminal organization Goldman Sachs), and by association, the city of PIttsburgh. I dont care if my relatives are buried near Somerset. Byrds be with the birds tonight. Because I WANT RAVENGE.(Lose 23-14........I just hope, for his sake, that he doesnt change his name back to Ravenstahl)

CARDINALS +3.5 over Eagles(Win 32-25)
CARDINALS +160 over Eagles---------Home revenge for Az as they were -3TO to Philly in a 48-20 loss. Both these teams are getting a boost; that is very clear. Mcknabb has Syracuse, and they won today I think(in Syracuse). But Westbrook may be hurt and I'm hoping and expecting that Arizona's turf is still pissed about McCain getting hard he didnt even cover the +159.5 electorals(a tragedy). You think they're gonna let a black QB run over them after Obama took their man down? What Arizona did in Carolina was totally out of this world. You can't make AZ a home dog after seeing that. I was gonna pass this game but I looked out my window a couple hours ago into the winter wonderland of my back yard. And there was a bright red Cardinal. I'll play this augury.(Win 32-25)

TEXAS TECH +6.5 over Texas(Lose 71-49)
TEXAS TECH +250 over Texas----------Tech has home-off-road-loss, +2 days of rest and the +offense. Altho Texas has the revenge, I think this is a good opportunity for Tech to turn around their 3-5 ATS season. Abrams, of course, is a bad name(Moe Abrams, former UM football player.....I played on his son's baseball team which he coached.........before he killed his wife with an axe------divorce dispute.....he wanted custody of his son). Dexter.......? Means right-handed....Lefty wont be there. I like how Tech looks, nominally, Knight coaching......Prince......Darko off the bench. They've been held back so far this year because 3 of their starters are from Dallas/Plano. I think the Eagles already gave Dallas the ultimate punishment.......Fah-getta-bout it......and keep working the Cards!(Lose 71-49........DALLLL-ASSSSS.....what did you do? What did you do, Dallas? The cops took the money? Mobsters paid off the Dallas cops, didnt they? Fuckin idiots. Better beef up security down there.......LHO is in the know)

MICHIGAN -5.5 over Ohio State---------OSU is 0-2 on the road vs Big Ten teams this year while Mich is 5-1 ATS at home. I think Michigan, as a school, should have some revenge motivation due to OSU's football team being so much better. In basketball, Michigan has home-off-road-loss and the +offense while OSU has +1 day of rest. Michigan, I've heard, will be playing in 1989 uniforms to commemorate their championship that year.(Lose 65-58. What a tragedy
. Jews are defending Israeli genocide on campus..........screwing up the team)


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