Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Wilson) +125 over Houston Astros(McHugh)------Both teams have won 55 games but for some reason I like the Angels.   Batters have hit .272 off Collin Mchugh.......umm,  guess that's ok if you don't walk people,  and he hasn't..........but with Colin Cowherd falling off the ESPN wagon,  I can see Pujols and Aybar getting some licks in for the DR against McHugh.(Lose 10-5............Astros don't wanna lose for me;  that must be it.  Wilson doesn't win for me either.)

OAKLAND A's(Gray) +132 over La Dodgers(Anderson)-----What has been the problem for the A's this year?   Probably not Gray,  because his stats are good.   Actually,  the A's have hit .254 while the Dodgers have only hit .253.   And the A's have scored 8 more runs than the Dodgers have(Dodgers do lead the A's in walks 339-287).   But A's have only won 44 games.   So maybe they need to win and with Robbie Ray looking very strong late in the game last night,  we'll go with G-RAY.(Win 2-0........CGSHO by Gray,  3-hitter.  Josh Reddick 3-4, HR)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Young) +105 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)-----Young does have the Pitcher Revenge against Indians because they rocked him.   Bauer coming off 2 consecutive rockings.  GWHR by Kris Bryant for Cubs yesterday while fellow Cub Chris Denorfia went 2-4....so we'll take Chris Young.(Win 2-1...........Eric Hosmer 3-4 with GWHR.   Dazzling defensive play Omar Infante glove-fliip to Escobar to Hosmer for the 4-6-3 single-play.   Hosmer also made a good defensive play at 1st base on a short-hop)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) +160 over Baltimore Orioles(Jimenez)-------Not so fast with this line--Jimenez is not that much better than Teheran.   Braves have Freeman back now it looks like AND Adonis Garcia now.................so I see Atlanta's offense as ready to come up.  Jimenez is coming off two rockings..........he's not all that.(Lose 7-3..........Fuck:  Chris Davis 2HR)


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