Wednesday, July 08, 2015

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Morgan) +300 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)-----Well let's look at this:  Kershaw is a reliable pitcher.  But his record is only 5-6.   And you look at the Phillies having Ruf, Cesar,  Blanco,  Rupp,  Ruiz and Galvis----6 players who have hit .333 or higher vs lhps this year with a minimum of 22 at-bats.  That is,  most of them have hit higher than .333 over MORE than 22 at-bats vs lhps.  And Morgan's been good over 2 starts.   Yeah.  We're gonna try to make some money here.(Lose 5-0.........Phillies were only outhit by 1 hit in this game.   But Kershaw got 13K's and got a CGSHO.   Disappointing.)


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