Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SEATTLE MARINERS(Montgomery) +125 over Detroit Tigers(Sanchez)------Yeeeeee-HAW!  Its day one in the New America and I'd just like to celebrate for the location of America's Real White House in Alabama.(Lose 9-4..........And I cannot fucking believe this mass-murdering disaster.  Montgomery has NEVER lasted less than 5innings in a start this year for the Mariners(and he's done pretty well,  previously).  Montgomery goes fucking 2 and 2/3 innings and gives up 6ER and 5 walks.  An absolute atrocity of a game.  NOW Alabama will step up:
(Phenix City, Alabama was thrust into the national spotlight this morning as word spread that John Russell Houser, the 59-year-old drifter who killed two people in a Louisiana movie theater before taking his own life, once lived there.).......Mariners are really pissing me off)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Danks) +135 over St Louis Cardinals(Lynn)-----The White Sox are clearly the weaker team here but.........they are at home and it looks like they've moved Saladino up to the #2 slot.(Lose 3-2.........Zach Duke,  not really throwing strikes in the 8th inning,  but he doesn't walk anyone,  allows 1 hit then hits a batter in the foot,  then CATCHER'S INTERFERENCE!  When the living FUCK does a catcher's interference happen?  Ok,  Heyward gets on with Catcher's Interference and bases are loaded.  Robin Ventura comes out to make the decision to bring David Robertson into the game.  Robertson goes 2-2 on Molina with 2 outs..........and Molina hits an opposite field triple to clear the bases making Ventura,  Robertson and Duke all losers.   A rare good start by Danks goes wasted.)


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