Monday, July 27, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +105 over Seattle Mariners(Montgomery)-----Diamondbacks have slipped down to 46-51,  just above Colorado in their division.   A disappointing season.  But,  most of their best hitters do well vs lhps.   For the Mariners,  Cruz hits .385 vs lhps and Seager .327.  Obviously,  Montgomery failed TREMENDOUSLY for BCLI last game,  so we have the Revenge against him.   Cano only hits .214 vs lhps.(Win 4-3...........Ray looked strong in his last inning but Mike Zunino tried to ruin the day by getting an RBI off Oliver Perez.  GWRBI by Jake Lamb,  HR by Welington Castillo and Goldschmidt.)


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