Sunday, July 05, 2015

USA - 0.5(-135) over Japan---------With Cowherd trashing Kobe(Japan-association) Bryant on Thursday while praising Canada-Usa neighborliness on ESPN Radio,   I'd be surprised if US doesn't close this in regulation time.   While Japan closed in Germany in the 2011 World Cup over the USA,  USA now has the revenge for that playing in Canada.(Win 5-2......4-0 USA after 16 minutes with more than 80% of the game yet to be played.  3 Goals by Carli Lloyd.  Goal,  Tobin Heath and Lauren Holiday........Own Goal by Julie Johnston.)

INDIANS(Salazar) +127 over Pirates(Cole)------Indians have taken 81 more walks this year than the Pirates.  (Lose 5-3........Indians blow 3-run lead.)

ANGELS(Wilson) -122 over Rangers(Lewis)(Win 12-6.........CJ Cron 4-5,  Kole Calhoun 2-5, HR,  Pujols HR...........Johnny Giavotella 2-5.)


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