Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RAPTORS +13.5 over Spurs-----Raptors have been hot since December 14th including a victory over Houston,  the best team in the NBA right now.   Raptors also have the revenge.(Lose 100-80......Fuck this losing garbage.......Kleiza 1 of 8 FG?)

GRIZZLIES -9 over 76ers------Grizzlies are definitely the +ATS team here but they also have home-off-road-loss........and I like that they have GASol,  with the latest shot in the War Against America taken by "NarGAS",  an Iranian female(mirabile dictu).(Lose 99-89.........Disgusting, Memphis sucks.  #4 Dorell Wright 28pts season-hi, Los Angeles)

ATLANTA HAWKS -8 over Detroit Pistons----Hawks have the Jeff and the JS and.........look what the Celtics did to the Nets yesterday with Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger.(Lose 126-119..........Fuck this shit;  I will not be FUCKED WITH like this!!!  Fucking garbage maggot asshole bych.)

CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS +6.5 over Western Kentucky-----CMU did disgrace BCLI earlier in the season with their pathetic effort against MSU.  However,  they could have some motivation due to, the general question,  Why is this team in a Bowl game?  Western Kentucky is definitely the better ATS team(but look at what happened to 11-1 ATS Fresno State!  Jeez,  they got destroyed by SMU).......and they've walked the walk,  playing---and covering against---Alabama.  Apparently,  this is WKU's first Bowl game(how can you go against them?) but with Ryan Grant having 2 TD in a Packers 55-7 massacre while Ryan Tannehill won with 2 TD for the Dolphins, that name looks healthy and we'll go with the double-R as Rajon Rondo had 19pts last night.(Win 24-21)


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