Sunday, December 30, 2012

MINNESOTA VIKINGS +3 over Green Bay Packers-----Home revenge for the Vikings and they need the game more(tho Packers do have some incentive to win).   Do I have confidence in Christian Ponder as a QB?  No;  he's not a real passing threat.  Adrian Petersen could do something(but you have to see the 'match' in the Packers' Ryan Grant).   Rodgers can put up points, but is it a positive that his initials (+15) compose the name of the hottest Christmas gift in America right now?  (it was last week so....).  Yeah,  he'll be a menace.  But the pick is the Vikings in these menacing times as clearly,  CLEARLY,  the American CIA has infiltrated BCLI and screwed up some of(most of) its recent picks.  This is surely HELL........and its fucked up as my Ipod is constantly lying to me.  Motivationally,  this play does make sense.  But, considering the circumstances,  I wouldn't recommend betting money on it.(Win 37-34...........Packers' defense sucks.   Without Rodgers,  this team would be a complete joke.)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -11 over St Louis Rams------Wo!  Seahawks dominating!  Did Luc Richard score 19 for the Bucks yesterday?  Louis Garrett got 16 for San Jose St.  Lou Williams 21 points for the Hawks yesterday!   BET AGAINST ST LOUIS.(Lose 20-13...........Seattle's a fucking fraud,  they score 150 points in their last 3 games........and can't cover with the home revenge against the Rams?)


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