Sunday, December 09, 2012

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +7(-105) over Cleveland Browns(Lose 30-7)
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +260 over Cleveland Browns------Chiefs getting a taste of winning.....tryin to build some momentum........should have a chance to win this game with their new QB(who will, I believe,  be having the revenge against his former team) in there.   The problem with this line is that the Browns usually don't beat teams by 7 points.   Its happened only once when the Browns beat the Bengals by 10 points.(Lose 30-7........Dropped potential INTs by Chiefs #29 Eric Berry......and another guy;  gotta take advantage when Wheeden's throwing those highly interceptable balls.  Browns come with 30 unanswered points after 7-0 Chiefs lead.)

NEW YORK JETS -2.5 over Jaguars-------Danny GREEN season-hi 23pts out of North Babylon going 7 for 9 on 3ptrs as the Spurs crush last night----Hey,  I'm going Green today.  Garlon Green MADE HIS 1ST 2 3PTRS OF THE YEAR yesterday for Tcu blowing my cover on Tulsa.   Even more saliently,  Marc Sonnen went 7-10 on 3ptrs to score 21 points and ruin BCLI's top play yesterday against Northern Iowa.  That can mean 1 thing and ONLY 1 thing:  Marc Sanchez will have the opportunity to have The Game of His Life today.  (of course,  you also had Mark Lyons having a season-hi 20 pts for Arizona yesterday while Marco Bellinelli had a near season-hi while beating the Knicks as Sacramento got a rare win-which was a beatdown on Portland---with DeMarcus Cousins getting 19pts).   Henne had a couple good games for Jax but............not last game. 17-10...........Excellent strong running game by Jets Shonn Greene and #29 Bilal Powell to KEEP the ball when leading and KEEP the lead)

ST LOUIS RAMS +3(+105) over Bills------Hawks' Lou Williams had 21pts yesterday so.....the 'Lou' should be ok.  Rams may not be the best team but at least you can say they do well against the 49ers.(Win 15-12........#18 Austin Pettis, Boise State,  heroic game-saving catch on 4th-and-1......Brandon Gibson GWTD,  true heroism.)  


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