Saturday, December 29, 2012

AIR FORCE FALCONS -1.5 over Rice Owls-------Rice is a much better ATS team have to put your faith in Air Force's defense considering that Rice has put up some big offensive numbers and......Air Force doesn't really pass.   Nominally,  Air Force is huge here:  Tyler Tettleton HUGE for Ohio yesterday in a surprisingly colossal beatdown.......Tyler Futrell 133yds season-hi also for Ohio....Tyrel Wilson, fumble rec for VT yesterday and.......that name will be on Air Force today.  But also,  Tucker Tipton......(AF player).......Tucker Halpern HUGE with a season-hi 28pts in Brown's 12pt-underdog upset of Providence yesterday.   Donte Foster a TD for Ohio yesterday and......"LaDontae" had a lot of points for Providence........AF has that name too.(Lose 33-14........What the FUCK?  You knock out their starting QB and you can't fucking close?   This is the Fucking Armed Services Bowl !   Rice is not an Armed Service;  Rice is a private school for geeks and nerds.   I don't think I've ever been so fucking pissed.  B-2's fucking F-22's,  what the fuck you call 'em,  THEY COME DOWN.  Hard.  Bitches.)


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