Friday, March 16, 2012

XAVIER MUSKETEERS +2.5 over Notre Dame-------BCLI STEAM.......when you draw 2 Samantha FoXX songs 1-2 on your Ipod---and you only HAVE 2 Samantha FoXX songs on your Ipod----that means something. Notre Dame just has too many White players who, as we've seen with Davidson yesterday, do not belong in a National Basketball tournament. I mean, Davidson had, like, 1 Black player........."Naughty girls need love ......TU"(Win 67-63........Holloway 25pts)

DETROIT TITANS +14 over Kansas Jayhawks(Lose 65-50)
DETROIT TITANS +900 over Kansas Jayhawks-----I see Kansas as an Obama-associated team and I think they're in DEEP trouble in this game after the United States' failure, with Obama at commander-in-chief, to finish a long war WITCH has now led to a "brain injured" mass murder. (In fact, with my bracket ruined by another Kansas team's failure to win yesterday, the state could be in even more trouble). The Titans have only gone 12-19 ATS this year but they seem to be stronger late in the season. They do have wins against non-conference St John's and James Madison. Kansas lost to Duke, but how the hell did they lose to "White Boy" Davidson; they fucking suck. When Ray McCallum says, "We're gonna play like we've got nuttin' to lose".......yea I think Kansas is in trouble. (Lose 65-50..........thanks for running up the score, dumbasses; what did I lose by 1 point? We'll remember this at Barry's War Crimes Trial)

NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOLFPACK -3 over San Diego St Aztecs------Everybody knows NC State has gotten screwed by the Refs lately. The had almost a 20 point lead at Duke..........and the refs just let Duke rape them for balls......leading to a Duke victory in that game. The Wolfpack almost beat NC.........but the refs failed to call a foul on an obvious charge late in the game. In my view, NC State deserves better outcomes especially from the officiating crew. Williams, as a name, still seems to be going good with Indiana and New Mexico( L O B O S ) getting wins yesterday. The Pack also has a Leslie, the name of the golf course I used to play on a lot.(Win 79-65...........Richard Howell 22pts, Wheeler HS, Marietta, GA)

MICHIGAN -5(-120) over Ohio-------Michigan has a Jordan........and Jordan Taylor had 17pts and Jordan Hulls had 22pts in wins by Indiana and Wisconsin yesterday. Strength of schedule shows a massive difference as Ohio...........simply plays in the Mac. Ohio plays out of Athens, Ohio but.........thats not the REAL Athens(bwaaa). And Ohio is not the school where I learned Greek. Yesterday there was some hail in Michigan...........and an EF-2 tornado in Dexter. My interpretation would be along musical lines as Michigan's song includes "hail" and "victors".(Lose 65-60...........What a joke---the Big Ten Champion loses to a MAC team in the Big Dance. No, I didn't think Michigan had a real star; they didn't have a Jalen Rose or a Gary Grant........or a Mike McGee. But they seemed to get by on their defense and 3's........and coaching, maybe. Burke might be a star in future years but......without the hail, I probably wouldn't have bet this. But still, its a huge disgrace for the Big Ten)

PURDUE +2 over St Mary's(Win 72-69.......Terone Johnson 21pts)

BELMONT BRUINS +3.5 over Georgetown Hoyas-----Belmont has blown out a lot of teams. And they did play Duke and only lost by 1. Kerron Johnson sounds like a good name(Lose 74-59.....another honky-team that can't play.....Jack Jacobs was right: Its a Chain-of-Command failure. How do these teams get in with so many White players? This is BASKETBALL, bitch!)


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