Saturday, March 03, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +8 over St Mary's Gaels(Win 83-78)
SAN FRANCISCO DONS +320 over St Mary's Gaels-----Double revenge for SF and I believe this game is in Las Vegas(neutral site). I like the fact that SF was a Williams a day after Cedric Williams got 22pts for NC Wilmington and Louis Williams got 25pts for the 76ers.(Lose 83-78....Angelo Colairo 1pt???)

DETROIT TITANS +1 over Cleveland State Vikings-----Detroit has the +offense and the double revenge at a neutral site(Win 63-58.......There were some real negroes in his game: Horizon League, Bitch!)

GEORGIA STATE PANTHERS -1 over George Mason Patriots-----G State is coming off a huge blowout win last night over Hofstra. In this game, Georgia State has the +ATS and the revenge....and Jihad Ali, which should be strong during America's "tornado punishment" week which, originally, was most likely precipitated by the Koran burnings in Afghanistan.(Lose 61-59.....Ali only 6 pts(2-11 shooting) )

IOWA STATE CYCLONES -1.5 over Baylor Bears-----Cyclones have the home revenge, home-off-road-loss and the +ATS. They're an underrated team this year who has beaten Kansas.(Win 80-72..........Scott Christopherson 23pts, La Crosse, WI)


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